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On the Internet, hotels and more generally the Travel industry, are among the most competitive markets and the most important in terms of Revenue.

An independent hotel or a hotel group, if he develops a website to sell its rooms on the web, must necessarily work on his positioning.

The SEO can focus on a limited number of keywords or keyword combinations. The advantage of PPC Campaigns (Pay-Per-Click Campaigns or Sponsored links campaigns) is to increase the number of keywords on which the hotel appears in:

  • Building on keyword combinations unachievable by SEO (as too competitive)
  • Broadening the scope to other combinations of keywords that characterize your product (product, location, clientele, lifestyle, services, promotions…)
  • By taking advantage of important events that may impact on your business (sporting events, festivals, fairs…)

Also, as part of opening a hotel or a change of name implying a new domain name without precedence, PPC Campaigns can be a way to be immediately present on keywords that SEO (longer) has not yet managed to achieve.

The objective of our keyword campaigns is to provide maximum traffic level with the best positioning on results pages, with a cost per click optimized.

We manage campaigns on the major engines: Google adwords, Operture (Yahoo, MSN…) and Bing.

Your budget to advertisers (search engines) is fully adjustable day by day. PMT Hotels advises on the optimal times to lauch campaigns and budgets to predict. Our expertise in hospitality is a definite asset in the results we get.

PMT Hotels is committed to develop tools for measuring the performance of campaigns:

  • Exploiting the website traffic statistics (eg Google Analytics) and
  • Preparing a monthly activity report of actions undertaken and achieved results.

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