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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important issue for a hotel website.

Unless the brand awareness is huge enough to generate a sufficient direct traffic, a website may be graphically beautiful but if it is not optimized for natural search performance it will not reach the desired one.

Optimizing the SEO is required and we recommend that it is to be studied from the conception of the website of the hotel. In the hotel sector is among the most competitive industries on the Internet, we develop and continuously improve our SEO strategy specialized for hotels.

Our approach revolves around 3 axes:

  1. The Content: It is the content that users seek. The techniques of search engines are moving more and more on assessing the suitability of the website content in relation to keywords requests. That’s how they rank websites.
  2. The Links: This is the barometer of the “popularity” of the website for search engines. Google, in particular, measures the interest assumed for the content of the website by the quantitative and qualitative analysis of links driving to the website.
  3. The Technique: It is working on the structure of the site, tell the search engines what is most important and what is less.

As part of our missions of hotel or hotel group website SEO, we begin with a preliminary study that allows to:

  1. Set targets (markets, geo-location, type of clients…)
  2. Define objectives in light of questions to consider:
    • Why do they visit your site?
    • What are they looking for? What information?
    • Why do they prefer your site rather than your competitors?
    • What will they find more, better, different, more original…?
  3. Study the competition through the structure of their websites, the code they use, the SEO techniques already used, their reputation and positioning…

Following this study, we study and define the guidelines in terms of structure and keywords (those with the greatest potential for your website).

Alongside the implementation of guidances which is our mission, we also offer our hotel clients, especially for teams responsible for updating the website content (new text descriptions, promotions, images…), training on SEO. The objective of this training, during one to two days, is not to learn to do SEO, but to be aware of proper methods of adding content to promote the listing. This training can be supported by the FAFIH (in France only).

PMT Hotels is committed through its mission of SEO to implement ways to measure the performance of the mission by expoiting traffic statistics of the website and also by preparing a monthly report of hotel positioning on Google and compared to preselected hotel competitors.

Our mission may be accompanied by Pay-Per-Click campaigns (Sponsored links) allowing firstly, to bet on keywords unattainable by the SEO (too competitive) and secondly to broaden your scope action on other combinations of keywords and by communicating about events that impact your business. More information about our PPC Campaigns…

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