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Managing your online reputation

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The online reputation of a hotel is essential to ensure good conversion rate into reservations. With now over 75% of French people looking after websites with advice to book their stays and, on average, more than 10,000 hotel reviews on over 50 review websites, how can a hotel dispense itself  with controlling its online reputation?

Why watch the online reputation of the hotel?

Nothing more classic than reviewing your hotel image through graphic design, use the correct image of the hotel in the press, events, … So if 90% Internet represents the channel through which a client is seeking a hotel, why not adopt as watching his image on the Internet?

With the new tools of communication oriented Web 2.0, the tendency is to UGC (User Generated Content). The hotel is no longer master of its public content on the Internet (website, directories, online agencies …). It is the users who provide the most content and therefore that can make or break the reputation of a hotel.

The rise of consumer review sites like TripAdvisor, HôtelCheck, Zoover, Vinivi … have a real impact on the conversion rate.

It is not enough to have a good website, good SEO and good practice of yield management to ensure optimum performance. e-reputation is key to success.

Managing your online reputation

It’s easy! With satisfied customers.

The e-reputation can only be good if the customer promise made at time of reservation is assured during his stay. For this, the hotel is entering a phase not only study the behavior of its customers, but also study its expectations.

The means for a successful day of online reputation

PMT Hotels provides advice, training and participates in the successful marketing strategy of  hotel’s online reputation.

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