Hotel Sustainable Development

Adopting a Green attitude

Our solutions

Conscious of the impact importance of the Hotel industry on the environment, PMT Hotels engaged itself in the systematic study of new organizational, strucural and technological means in order to adopt an eco-friendly responsability.

Our economical model:

Part of the actions need an initial financial investment but which, in the majority of cases, reduce the hotel’s operating expenses. Other actions are often, gesture, changes in habits that do not need any investment (or a little) and have an immediate impact.

Our ecological approach is also economical and our progress projects combine judiciously investments and reductions of operating expenses generating new capacities of investment in the future. This economical cycle allows to sustain the hotel environmental commitment and ensure Return on Investment on a long term basis.

From a Marketing point of vue, adopting the “Green Attitude”, popular amongst customers, is also a huge opportunity of differentiation, communication and conversion into bookings.

Our mission are organized around the following axes:

  • Hotel environmental diagnosis:

    • Structural study of the hotel
    • Organizational study
    • Technological study

  • Recommendations of actions to undertake according to the environmental impact importance
  • Study of financial investments necessary and advice on strategic choices according to our economical cycle model
  • Study of grants opportunities
  • Project management
  • Trainings
  • Elaboration of the hotel’s environmental charter
  • Implementation of monthly analytical and pilot tools for carried actions (water consumption, energy, waste treatments, laundry…)
  • Make the hotel program part of a local approach with the local community, department and/or region
  • Orientation towards ecological products (laundry, cleaning products, products of organic farming…)

A hotel can become eco-responsible with an approach, if real, reducing operational expenses, becoming a real strength for sales & marketing, a way of differentiation against competition and consequently, generating incremental revenue.

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