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Reconciling graphic design and operational needs

Our solutions

PMT Hotels is both a hotel marketer and a website developer. Above all, our sites meet our expectations as a marketer, seeking to optimise direct sales (vs. online agencies – OTAs).
Websites that convert well are those that provide both the information you’re looking for and clear navigation and hierarchical information.

Our objective: performance
PMT Hotels’ expertise evolves every year, from project to project, but also according to new techniques, legislation and the constraints imposed by Google. Our performance also evolves. SERP monitoring is ongoing in order to optimise the visibility of our hotels’ websites on search engines.

Creation directly in your hotel in 1 week!

We also offer in situ developments, which means that PMT Hotels will come to your site and develop your hotel’s new website in 1 week (before translations) with all the hotel staff involved in the project (management, communications manager, etc.). It’s an intense week, during which the choice of visuals is made as we go along, the texts are reviewed, optimised for marketing appeal and referencing, and the navigation is defined… This method has proved successful, and our customers appreciate the challenge. It’s an extraordinary experience every time, and at the same time trains the teams in how to use the site once it’s online. Example: Website of Mariosa hotel 4* in Porto-Vecchio.

Search engine optimisation

Hotel websites created by PMT Hotels are optimised for natural referencing from the outset. Each page is designed according to the recommendations, the tags are correctly filled in…

The advantages of the hotel sites developed by PMT Hotels:

  • Professional natural referencing website
  • Professional sales website with optimum conversion rate
  • Website in line with the hotel’s graphic charter

An SERP (Search Engine Results Page) audit of the hotel’s existing website is carried out to identify existing strengths and weaknesses and integrate them into the SEO strategy of the new website developed. Once the website is online, a regular SERP audit is carried out to analyse the performance of our hotel website creations and continue to gain ranking.

Depending on the hotel’s pricing strategy and its electronic distribution channels, PMT Hotels studies and advises its clients on the choice and integration of booking engines.

PMT Hotels masters the entire hotel web environment. From the creation of a hotel website to its natural referencing, SERP monitoring, link development, sponsored keyword campaigns, viral communication on social networks and emailing campaigns…to pricing strategy, distribution, inventory management, compliance with rate parity…PMT Hotels advises, develops, optimises and ensures consistency across the board that’s essential for high performance!

Our solution:

Creating a hotel website is a complex and technical process, but we optimise the process so that we can offer you a hotel website that is customised to your graphic charter, easy to navigate for your visitors and the best in terms of natural referencing.

Complementary assets:

  • Perfect knowledge of electronic hotel distribution, e-marketing and visitor expectations
  • A site dedicated to the online distribution of your hotel, with the objective of converting it into a reservation.
  • Compliance with techniques to optimise natural referencing (W3C international standard)
  • Un site entièrement administrable: vous pouvez ajouter des pages, changer de textes, d’images, ajouter des éléments multimédia…
  • Ability to add an online booking engine.
  • Scalable site with the ability to add add-on modules
  • Compatible version mobile et tablette
  • Compliance with RGPD regulations
  • HTTPS secure site
  • A pre-development SERP audit and post-launch support to optimise the natural referencing of your hotel website.

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