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The blog for a hotel, or a hotel group, is an undeniable asset to optimize the SEO and an excellent opportunity to generate a large number of quality links (according to search engines) to the commercial website of the hotel.

And because a blog rises faster in search engines because it is a news site, which is constantly updated with new content… it may be present on keywords combinations that are less achievable by the commercial website.

Furthermore, it is an excellent means of communication and marketing.

PMT Hotels develop Blogs from 999€ whose architecture is already pro-referencing. A multitude of features, as modules, can be added to meet your needs, make the blog more fun, more lively…

Par ailleurs, le style du blog, peut par la suite, facilement changer en fonction des saisons, des envies…

Moreover, the style of the blog, can easily change with seasons, desires…

In short, it is a simple tool for communication, fun, manageable by the hotel and so effective from a SEO point of view!

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